Y O U   C A N   F E E L

O U R   S T O R Y



Two professional athletes from Florida left home on a mission to pursue their dreams in California without turning back. One at the ripe age of 18 and the other at 25 years old, both not knowing of each other during their respective years of these ventures.


Now amongst some of the best in the world of mens and women’s skimboarding, Paddy Mack and Amber Torrealba crossed paths along their journey in 2016, and have been building and pushing the creative space of digital and social media production ever since, alongside of their growing competitive career as professional skimboarders.


Collectively, Amber and Paddy have over 10 years of work and experience in action sports, digital media, real estate production, social media and marketing. A graduate from the University of Central Florida with her degree in marketing and digital media, Amber Torrealba has also worked with and been an ambassador for a vast number of top tier and fortune 500 brands, including Adobe, Red Bull, Go Pro, Starbucks, Panasonic, and Motorola, to name a few.


Currently working with some of the latest and most trending types of editing and production —  the camera work that we offer such as the POV, camera transitions, and FPV drone style from Drone Racing League Sim ranked racer Paddy Mack, is something that has the ability to grasp the scroll of any app.



Create from passion, and the rest will follow.